Saturday, May 24, 2014

Just Arrived

Marcia at Skoobs, Theatre of Books in Johannesburg, SA became my book mean reader's advisor last year and has helped me broaden my SA reading interests and brought me into the SA reading community. About every three months (the affordable transit time from Joburg) a parcel of books arrives. Today my summer reading was delivered. Good times ahead; I may need to take some annual leave.

I'm Back...For Good...I hope

Wow, it's been over a year since I posted here. What have I been doing, you ask; I've mostly been reading a lot of African writers. Looking at the stacks of books around me, I could post a review a week for a year with what I've read. Why did I stop posting? Let's just leave it that I had a confidence issue.

What prompted me to resume blogging? It had been on my mind for a while but I give Peter Rozovsky at the Detectives Without Borders blog with tipping me. He wrote a recent post on James McClure titled Back to South Africa in James McClure's Shorts. In it he writes about a new collection of James McClure's stories and scripts titled God It Was Fun. It is available in Kindle edition from Amazon.

I love McClure's Kramer and Zondi novels and have been meaning to re-read them. When I discovered that God It Was Fun includes the script for a film adaptation of The Steam Pig, that cinched it. I will read The Steam Pig then the script and compare the two. Yay, a focus that will jumpstart my blog. I'm about 26% into The Steam Pig and I'm enjoying it more the second time. That I'm more familiar with SA literature now probably contributes to that enjoyment.

In addition to McClure's novels I also have a box of articles and book excerpts about McClure that I hope to work into future blog posts. So, with the books (Kindle and print) and my research materials, James McClure is shaping up to be my long term project.

Until next time.